Pioneer Valley Baystate Bike Week 2014

The Pioneer Valley’s fifteenth annual Baystate Bike Commute Week was held May 10-18. This collaborative effort of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, MassBike Pioneer Valley, MassDOT, community volunteers, and business and civic organizations is designed to encourage Pioneer Valley citizens to commute by bicycle to work, to school, and for short trips in their communities.

Many communities will host free breakfasts for bicycle commuters.  Commuters who register at a community’s official site will be served coffee, baked goods, fruits, and fruit juice. Bike Commute Week t-shirts, bike maps, reflective vests, and bike information are also available.  You can search the official Baystate Bike Week website event page by location here to find an event near you.  Download the event poster which contains a listing of all the weeks’ events!

Why not try bicycle commuting on just one day (or more) during the week and see if you like it? Many communities are hosting free breakfasts for bicycle commuters during the week. Get involved as a business, participant, or volunteer.

A little advance planning will make bicycle commuting more enjoyable. Once you establish a routine, bicycle commuting becomes second nature. And it gets easier the more you do it. Also be sure to check out the Bay State BikeWeek site at

Some tips for getting started:

Check your bike for loose or broken parts, make sure the brakes work and that there is air in your tires. If in doubt about anything, you can consult one of the many bike shops around the region.

Take a few shakedown rides to get used to your bike and to riding in traffic. Do this at a time when you are not in a hurry so you can stop if you need to, or check out different routes. Use our safety checklist to make sure you stay safe on the road.

Worried about riding in your work clothes, securing your bike, and carrying the things you need? Our top ten reasons for biking will help you out!

Please join us during Pioneer Valley Baystate Bike Week 2014, May 10-18.

MassBikePV Bike Week Sponsors for 2014:  THANK YOU!!!

Bay State Bike Week 2014 Sponsors